Hydro Dipping

H. P. Performance is proud to be one of the few local custom shops in the area to offer Hydro Dipping (aka immersion printing). Hydro Dipping allows us to apply graphics to almost any 3D object you can think of. (as long as any electrical components are removed prior to submersion). Vehicle and motorcyclists enthusiasts alike are now exploring the creative freedoms and customization options available because of Hydro Dipping.

How Does Hydro Dipping Work? 

We love that our clientele continually ask us to push our creative envelopes when it comes to true customization for their vehicles. More and more clients are asking about Hydro Dipping or Water Transfer Imaging. One of the first things they ask is,  “how does it work?” They are surprised to learn that the process is quite simple. Ta water-soluble film is placed on the surface of water where it starts to break down, then a patented activator chemical is sprayed over the film causing the ink to remain floating in an oil-like state on top of the water. At this time, the properly prepared part is immersed into the water, and the upward pressure of the water causes the ink to wrap around and adhere to the item. Once the entire item has been immersed, it is removed from the water, and then quickly cleaned and coated with a protective clear coat.